NGO CSW67 Forum Report (2023)

We did it! We survived our first ever We did it! We survived our first ever Hybrid Forum. For the past four years, most of my reflections say, "first ever". We survived a pandemic and transitioned into virtual, and now hybrid, advocacy. Thank you to all those who participated, supported and made it all possible. We love hearing the positive feedback and learning lessons from the challenges some of us experienced.

NGO CSW66 Forum Report (2022)

We wrapped up our second fully virtual NGO CSW Forum on 25 March exhausted and excited for all the opportunities we created for the global feminist movement. Our challenges became opportunities. Despite some minor glitches and the UN's last-minute decision to open its doors to civil society, we helped gather thousands of advocates and hosted hundreds of events successfully. Download the report to learn about the different aspects of the Forum, the planning process, outcomes, and how we plan to improve future NGO CSW Forums!

NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum Report (2021)

Despite pushbacks, despite a pandemic, and despite all obstacles including global time zones, languages, and tech issues, our first ever virtual NGO CSW Forum was a success! Over 27,000 advocates joined the 700+ events during the Forum, making it one of the largest gatherings of the women’s movement and feminist civil society! Read the NGO CSW65 Forum Report to learn more about the different aspects of the Forum, the planning process, outcomes, and how we plan to improve future Forums!

NGO CSW67 Advocacy Toolkit

Read our NGO CSW67 Advocacy Toolkit which aims to help NGOs, civil society representatives and feminists build their capacity to advocate for their organization, work, and global gender equality at the CSW.

NGO CSW/NY recognizes that the United Nations system can be overwhelming and newcomers may not know where to start, so we’ve created this Advocacy Toolkit to use as a starting point.

Advocacy Guide in Negotiations & Women's Rights

Learn about how to be effective partners in UN negotiations about women’s human rights. Special attention will be paid to using the Swiss mobile application on women’s rights documents. The Advocacy Training Guide includes the Supplement on Beijing + 25.

The Guide is available in the six UN languages.

Youth Advocacy Training Deck

View this deck that came out of the Youth Advocacy Training session from the Youth Preparation Series for NGO CSW67. The deck includes an overview of the CSW and NGO CSW Forum, the UN CSW negotiations process and how to engage in it, and digital advocacy tips and tricks.

Women’s Human Rights Teaching, Learning, and Advocacy Resource

In 2020, a group of volunteers from civil society and higher education came together to prepare a curriculum to support women’s human rights that is grounded in globally recognized agreements. This collection of teaching guides and educational resources is adaptable across contexts to help educators, community organizers, and self-motivated learners gain insight into the challenges and the solutions for women.

NGO CSW67 Advocacy Training Recording

Watch NGO CSW/NY's Advocacy Training session to learn about the different ways you can advocate for your work or organization at the NGO CSW Forum and UN CSW. This session will include advocacy tips and tricks, how to engage in the CSW67 negotiations process, and an overview of our Advocacy & Research Group.