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We are a coalition of NGOs, civil society organizations, and individuals concerned with global gender equality and the rights and empowerment of women and girls. NGO CSW/NY's main project is organizing the annual NGO CSW Forum in order to bridge the gap between global civil society, grassroots organizations, and the official UN Commission on the Status of Women process in New York.

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Over the two weeks of the UN CSW, NGO CSW/NY organizes more than 700 events during the NGO CSW Forum that inform, engage and inspire grassroots efforts and advocacy needed to empower global women and girls.

We're committed to providing our community with advocacy resources, as well as conducting our own advocacy within the UN gender equality space.

Each month, we host a meeting on specific topics related to the CSW priority theme to engage and educate our community. Monthly Meetings are held virtually on Zoom and are open to all.

The Youth Leaders & Young Professionals (YLYPs) are a community of young people and youth advocates who are passionate about global gender equality.


NGO CSW67 Forum Report

The NGO CSW67 Forum Report is now available! Download the report to get a recap of the Forum and learn about the different aspects of the Forum, the planning process, outcomes, and how we plan to improve future Forums!

NGO CSW67 Intern Blog Posts

Read the blog posts from our three amazing interns for NGO CSW67! They discuss their experiences as interns, their reflections on the Forum, and some of the lessons learned during their internships that they will take with them in the future.

June Monthly Meeting

For our last Monthly Meeting of the season and of our current Executive Committee’s term, the June 2023 meeting will focus on the future of NGO CSW/NY and how we plan to more effectively connect with different gender processes at the United Nations.

Thursday, 15 June @ 1pm EDT

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We greatly appreciate our global community and those who are able to support our work to bring international, diverse, and grassroots voices to the United Nations.