NGO CSW/NY facilitates a platform for the voices and leadership of feminists and women’s rights organizations globally who lobby for their inclusion in the UN deliberations in pursuit of gender equality.


We envision a world without sexism, sexual violence, or discrimination against women and girls, where economic, political, and social policies encourage their empowerment and wellbeing. Learn more about our work.


NGO CSW/NY believes that an effective, broad-based feminist and women’s movement for social transformation must be committed to elimination of racism.

Eliminating racism, colorism, colonial and genocidal practices from our global society, communities and institutions remains an ongoing process requiring persistence, diligence and a concerted commitment to the defence of human rights, independent of race, religion, indigeneity, age, gender or membership in any other minority group.

Great strides must still be made in our ability to recognize and redress the legacy of colonization, slavery, systematic oppressions, and all subsequent forms of violence, in order for our global society to evolve beyond mere tolerance of diverse cultures to walk the path toward enthusiastically embracing and affirming our human and cultural differences.

The feminist and women’s movements have not yet arrived—the virus of racism continues to permeate all aspects of our movements, from generation to generation. NGO CSW/NY is committed to regular self-reflection, striving towards inclusion and transformation!


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