NGO CSW/NY is established

NGO CSW/NY is established in 1972 as one of the NGO Committees of the Conference of NGOs (CoNGO) in preparation for International Women’s Year (1975), the UN Decade of Women (1975-1985) and the First World Conference on Women held in Mexico City in 1975.

NGO CSWs Geneva and Vienna are established

NGO CSW Geneva is established. Shortly after, NGO CSW Vienna is created in 1982.

YLYPs are created

The 'Young Professionals' program is created. In 2020, the program is renamed ‘Youth Leaders & Young Professionals' (YLYPs) and initiates a mission to amplify the voices of youth activists and young professionals at the UN and globally.

NGO CSWs in the Regions are formed

NGO CSW expands its international presence through the creation of regional committees in Africa, Arab States/MENA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America & the Caribbean.

NGO CSW/NY's 45th Anniversary

2017 marks NGO CSW’s 45th anniversary. To commemorate achievements, NGO CSW’s interns develop a video to highlight its past Chairs, members, and accomplishments.

Generation Equality Forum

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Being Platform for Action (Beijing+25), the Generation Equality campaign is launched. UN Women tasks NGO CSW/NY as global civil society conveners for the Generation Equality Forum.

First Virtual NGO CSW Forum

NGO CSW/NY holds its first-ever virtual NGO CSW Forum after the global COVID-19 pandemic affected the feminist and women's movement's activism and work at the UN.

50 Years of NGO CSW/NY

NGO CSW/NY turns 50 years old! To celebrate the golden anniversary, we hold various campaigns and events to look back on the memories of the last 50 years and reflect on the visions for the next 50.