NGO CSW/NY is committed to providing our community with advocacy resources and training to ensure that they are prepared to advocate for their organization or work at the UN, especially at the UN CSW. We also do our own advocacy each year for the UN CSW Zero Draft and outcome document through our Advocacy & Research Group. 


NGO-CSW distributed a survey to nearly 50,000 civil society organizations (CSOs) to “collect input, ideas and views on how to transform the CSW to increase its value and potential to accelerate the advancement of gender equality in countries worldwide.” Read the conclusions from our survey data below.


NGO CSW/NY's Advocacy & Research Group (ARG) provides recommendations leading up to and during the CSW Outcome Document negotiations. The ARG researches the CSW priority theme and consults with our global community on their priorities for the theme to inform their recommendations for Member States to include in the UN CSW Zero Draft and ultimately the CSW Outcome Document.


Read our NGO CSW68 Advocacy Toolkit which aims to help NGOs, civil society representatives and feminists build their capacity to advocate for their organization, work, and global gender equality at the CSW.

There are a myriad of ways for civil society to participate in the NGO CSW Forum and UN CSW. It is a great space for networking, sharing your organization’s work, and learning about gender equality issues and actions. However, it’s also a great place for advocacy within the UN and with Member States. While many NGO CSW Forum and UN CSW participants are seasoned experts in advocating in this space, there are new feminists and advocates coming into the NGO CSW Forum and CSW space every day!

NGO CSW/NY recognizes that the United Nations system can be overwhelming and newcomers may not know where to start, so we’ve created this Advocacy Toolkit to use as a starting point.


Generation Equality is the world’s leading initiative to accelerate investment and implementation on gender equality. It brings together organizations from every part of society to catalyze progress, advocate for change and take bold actions together.

Convened by UN Women, the initiative aims to ensure that the bold ambitions of the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action on women’s rights are finally implemented, and that the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved. Generation Equality also aims to expand public support for gender equality, with a particular focus on catalyzing the energy, activism and ideas of young people.

NGO CSW/NY was tasked by UN Women with the role of global civil society convener for the Generation Equality Forum, specifically convening the Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG), which served as the representative of civil society’s priorities for the GEF by guaranteeing co-equal participation of civil society with the stakeholders for GEF. NGO CSW/NY continues to be committed to following and amplifying the Generation Equality process, including the Action Coalitions and WPS-HA Compact, accountability measures, and commitments. We share Generation Equality updates with our mailing list of 40,000 people and provide space for Generation Equality information on our NGO CSW Forum virtual portal each year.


Check out these other resources that provide information on advocacy at the UN, CSW, and global gender equality spaces.