Join us in amplifying the voices of women’s organizations all over the world. Your membership is a commitment to our global community and helps ensure that the global development agenda is feminist. 


Join our global community
UN events like the Commission on the Status of Women can feel overwhelming and unapproachable. We’re here to help. We welcome everyone’s participation and we help smooth the way. Your membership gives you access to our knowledge and resources and allows us to welcome 10,000 women to participate in global decision-making.

Ensure a true representation of women
Your suggested donation toward membership helps us ensure that the leadership at the United Nations hears from women from every member state. With your help, a vast diversity of organizations led by and for women from underrepresented communities are represented. These include indigenous and aboriginal women, refugees and migrants, women with disabilities, women in poverty and working-class women, and persons who identify with the LGBTQ communities. With your help, UN declarations, resolutions, and treaties will better reflect and encompass the reality of women’s lives including the majority of women who face intersectional challenges.

Help diversify the UN and INGOs
Your suggested donation toward membership also helps us pay interns so that we can draw from a diverse group of young women and help launch them into careers in non-profit organizations, INGOs, and the United Nations.

Your suggested donation helps us do the work of coordinating 10,000 women from xx organizations hosting 400 parallel event. Our Executive Committee and Planning Committee ensure that there is a robust schedule of informative sessions and substantive lobbying in conjunction with the annual Commission on the Status of Women. Our staff of 1, interns and a cadre of dedicated volunteers do all of the coordination. Your financial participation goes toward the cost of our website, the CSW orientation we provide, and the costs of doing business.

Mentorship Program

Our intergenerational membership program pairs young women with seasoned professional. This is a great way to get guidance and help at the beginning of your career and a great way for more established women to ensure a dynamic, diverse group of young women in global feminist advocacy and a pipeline for the future.   

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are open to all. Check the schedule and feel free to join us. You can come to learn more about the Commission on the Status of Women and the issues addressed, you can bring information to us, or just come to see what we’re all about.

Planning Committee

As a thank you for your commitment, NGO CSW welcomes members to our Planning Committee as voting members, regardless of whether your organization is ECOSOC accredited.