Join us in amplifying the voices of feminist activists and organizations around the world! Our greatest strength is our dedicated community. By working together through shared leadership, inclusivity, collaboration, and intersectionality, we can move the needle toward global gender equality!

Learn more about how to get involved with NGO CSW/NY below.

Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly Meetings are an essential part of our work to engage our global constituency in the UN CSW and NGO CSW Forum processes, as well as global gender equality advocacy in general. Each month, the meeting addresses a different topic related to the CSW priority theme. We hear from experts in the field and our Advocacy & Research Group (ARG).

NGO CSW67 Forum

Register for the NGO CSW67 Forum in March 2023. Over the two weeks of the UN CSW, NGO CSW/NY organizes almost 800 events during the Forum that inform, engage and inspire grassroots efforts and advocacy needed to empower women and girls. Explore and attend hundreds of events and connect with thousands of participants who share your interests and passion for women's rights and gender equality!

Youth Leaders & Young Professionals

Join our Youth Leaders & Young Professionals program! The YLYPs are a community of young people and youth advocates who are passionate about global gender equality and looking to engage in or learn about UN processes. Learn about & advocate for youth involvement at the UN; prepare for the UN CSW and NGO CSW Forum; and join a community of other youth activists and young professionals.

Become a Member

Support our work by becoming a Member. Your membership donation supports NGO CSW/NY's work and the planning of the NGO CSW Forum. By becoming a member, you will help with: supporting the planning and implementation of our annual NGO CSW Forum; organizing other events and meetings for our community like our Monthly Meetings; operational costs for our small team and office; and paying our interns for their essential work.

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