Next Monthly Meeting:

Thursday, 15 June @ 1pm EDT

Join us in-person and online for our last Monthly Meeting until September!

Location: Online via Zoom and in-person at CCUN

777 United Nations Plaza, NY 10017

NGO CSW/NY Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly Meetings are an essential part of our work to engage our global constituency in the UN CSW and NGO CSW Forum processes, as well as global gender equality advocacy in general. Each month, the meeting addresses a different topic related to the CSW priority theme. We hear from experts in the field and our Advocacy & Research Group (ARG).

From September to December, our Monthly Meetings will be research- and education-based with programs including expert panels and consultations with our community. These sessions will have speak-out sessions to collect participants’ recommendations and input, led by the ARG.

The January and February Monthly Meetings will address the NGO CSW Forum and provide relevant trainings and information to best prepare our constituency for the Forum and CSW.

April through June meetings will analyze the CSW outcome document with a regional deep-dive into the issues and discussion around recommendations for the implementation of the document.

To see the schedule of our Monthly Meetings and register for each, visit our event calendar. Scroll down to view our past Monthly Meetings.


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