Advocacy & Research Group's Work for CSW67

See the ARG's work for this year's CSW with the priority theme: Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

In keeping with the NGO CSW/NY mission to inclusively advocate for gender equality, the Advocacy & Research Group (ARG) provides solicited and researched recommendations leading up to and during the CSW Outcome Document negotiations. The ARG researches issues raised in the CSW Priority Theme with input from NGO CSWs in the Regions and global civil society. Recommended language is then provided to the CSW Bureau, UN Women, and all Member States in advance of negotiations for consideration and inclusion in the Zero Draft and in their discussions.

Research & Information Gathering


The ARG begins its process by researching the CSW Priority Theme, hearing from experts on the topic, and consulting with our global community.

Developing Recommendations


Based on its research and consultations with global civil society, the ARG develops a succinct set of recommendations regarding the CSW Priority Theme. The recommendations are then sent to the CSW Bureau, UN Women, and all Member States to be considered in the Zero Draft of the CSW outcome document.

Creating Recommendation Briefs


The ARG then creates short briefs to elaborate and expand upon each recommendation. It also develops a brief on youth perspectives on each of the recommendations and the CSW Priority Theme.

Advocacy with Member States


In the lead up to CSW, NGO CSW/NY meets with the CSW Bureau and receptive Member States to advocate for the ARG's recommendations to be included in the CSW outcome document.