The YLYPs are a community of young people and youth advocates who are passionate about global gender equality and looking to engage in or learn about UN processes.


To amplify the voices of youth leaders and young professionals, providing a platform for their perspectives on gender equality and channels for their advocacy at the United Nations. To convene young people to consult and contribute to the advancement of the international feminist movement.


We envision bridging the intergenerational gap in the global feminist movement and empowering young people to flourish as leaders and decision makers across all sectors, for a more gender equitable world.


  • Learn about & advocate for youth involvement at the UN
  • Prepare for the UN CSW and NGO CSW Forum
  • Join a community of other youth activists and young professionals
  • Contribute innovative ideas to the work of NGO CSW/NY and the NGO CSW Forum

Upcoming YLYP Events

  1. Youth Open Forum on CSW67

    December 6 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Each year, the Youth Leaders & Young Professionals host an event series leading up to the CSW and NGO CSW Forum. The series aims to prepare youth to have a meaningful and effective experience at the CSW.  The eight events in the series include informational panels, advocacy training, and professional development and networking sessions.

The Youth Preparation Series for NGO CSW67 will start on Wednesday, 11 January 2023 and will continue every Wednesday until the CSW in March. 

Check this page in December for the Youth Preparation Series for NGO CSW67 schedule.

Past Youth Preparation Series

Click the images below to learn more about Youth Preparation Series in past years.

Global Mentors for Youth Leaders

With our global mentorship program, our vision is to continue to facilitate the friendship, support and mentorship between generations of gender equality activists. We hope to encourage a mutually supportive learning relationship with youth and experienced advocates and foster an ongoing conversation where together we can create a community and inclusive culture that facilitates the emergence of a strong intergenerational movement of activists for gender equality.

For NGO CSW66, the YLYPs will be hosting two meet-and-greet events for the YLYP community to connect with our Global Mentors. The first will happen in the lead up to CSW66 as part of our Youth Preparation Series for NGO CSW66. The second will take place during the second week of CSW66. We hope these events can be the start of new meaningful mentorships and relationships between activists of all ages and experiences!

See the list of our Global Mentors for Youth Leaders and learn more about them. Each mentor is committed to gender equality with experience in civil society advocacy at the United Nations, particularly for CSW.

Event 1:

Mentorship Meet & Greet

Join this informal meet and greet session to connect with selected YLYP Mentors. We hope this event can be the start of new meaningful mentorships and relationships between activists of all ages and experiences!

Date: 9 February 2022
Time: 12 - 2pm EST

Event 2:

Global Mentors Networking Session

During the second week of CSW66, join our Global Mentors for an informal networking session. Discuss your work, CSW processes, and make connections!

Date: 23 March 2022
Time: 12 - 1pm EDT

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In collaboration with Women Have Wings, the NGO CSW Youth Leaders & Young Professionals are thrilled to announce the five winners of the NGO CSW65 $5,000 Young Feminist Awards! These youth-led, transformative projects and organizations were chosen from over 900 submissions. Because we received so many amazing submissions, we'd also like to highlight the 20 runner-ups as well.

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