What is the Feminist and Women’s Action Plan?

The Feminist and Women’s Action Plan, developed by experienced civil society activists and experts, will leverage the power of global consensus and new alliances by utilizing the Beijing Platform for Action, CEDAW and the SDGs, along with other international treaties, human rights mechanisms and international commitments like ICPD, New Urban Agenda, UNSC Resolution 1325, the Paris Climate Accord and others.

The process is open, welcoming, inclusive of the wide diversity of the feminist and women’s movements, creative action-oriented, brave and safe.

For more detailed information about the Feminist and Women’s Action Plan including challenges, steps, and suggested outcomes, click here.

What are the 6 Thematic Working Groups?

As the civil society Beijing+25 movement grew, it became clear that we needed to organize themes in order to address issues and achieve the Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan.

The six cross-cutting themes are:

  1. Inclusive development, share prosperity, and decent work
  2. Poverty eradication, social protection and social services
  3. Freedom from violence, stigma and stereotypes
  4. Participation, accountability and gender-responsive institutions
  5. Peaceful and inclusive societies
  6. Environmental conservation, protection and rehabilitation

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What are the next steps for those registered for the Thematic Working Groups?

On 4 November, we had the kick-off virtual conference for the Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan. You can listen to the recordings of each speaker and follow along via the accompanying Powerpoint.

First, everyone should familiarize themselves with the existing documents and treaties that we can use to make claims for accountability. Review the Guidance Framework Resource Kit.

We will soon start online DIALOGUES about the 6 thematic areas.  Please DISCOVER, read, and study in preparation for action.


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