Advocacy & Research Group for CSW66

Read about the ARG's work for CSW66 in 2022 including its recommendations for the CSW66 outcome document as well as its advocacy for the CSW Methods of Work.

Civil Society Recommendations for the CSW66 Zero Draft

For CSW66, the Advocacy & Research Group researched the CSW Priority Theme (the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies and programmes) with input from the NGO CSWs in the Regions and global civil society to develop six key Recommendations to be considered for the CSW66 Zero Draft. These Recommendations have been sent to the UN Secretary-General, UN Women, the CSW Bureau, and other receptive member states. Read all six recommendations here.

The ARG then developed briefs on each of the six recommendations to provide more information about each one. Click each recommendation below to download the accompanying brief.

CSW Methods of Work

This year, along with the negotiations on the CSW66 priority theme outcome document, the CSW Methods of Work were also reviewed, negotiated, and edited. The CSW Methods of Work, established by ECOSOC resolution 2015/6, determine what will be undertaken during each session of the Commission. For the past several months, the Advocacy & Research Group and other groups and coalitions have advocated for better civil society participation and engagement in the CSW Methods of Work. During CSW66, the future organization and Methods of Work were adopted. Read the document here.

Read more below about our advocacy for the Methods of Work which began last year after CSW65.

Initial collection of information through surveys

After the disappointing CSW65 Agreed Conclusions, it was clear that the CSW process is not as effective, inclusive, or as intersectional as it should be. Therefore, the ARG launched a survey as the first step to campaign for a more effective CSW process. The survey provided essential data to support our arguments for new CSW working methods and put pressure on the UN and CSW Bureau to be more inclusive of civil society and our priorities. See the results of the initial survey here.

To collect more concise information, the ARG launched a shorter survey to ensure that we represent the opinions and recommendations of our community. The survey collected information about individuals' experiences at CSW and their recommendations for better working methods for CSW66. Review the results of the second survey here.

Development of Civil Society Recommendations for the CSW Methods of Work

In September 2021, an ad hoc group was created consisting of gender experts, academics, former UN staff and NGO representatives to gather recommendations for consideration by the Commission.

This group, through their CSW Methods of Work Recommendations, hope to provide actionable, creative and innovative solutions to enable the Commission to work even more effectively and inclusively, with accountability to civil society and member states. As the world recovers from COVID-19, we find this is a strategic and crucial moment for the Commission to chart a new course. Read our recommendations on the Methods of Work.

CSO Open Hearing

On 4 February, 2022, NGO CSW/NY and the Permanent Missions of Costa Rica and Denmark hosted a CSO Open Hearing on the CSW Methods of Work where member states and civil society gathered to discuss concrete recommendations towards amplifying civil society voices and ensuring their seat at the table in the CSW processes. Read the summary of civil society recommendations during the hearing.