Welcoming the new NGO CSW/NY Co-Chairs!

The NGO CSW/NY team is so excited to have the new leadership of Ivy Koek and Pamela Morgan as Co-Chairs of the Committee!

July 2023

In June, NGO CSW/NY had a transition in leadership and we welcomed our new 2023-2025 Executive Committee. For the first time in the history of NGO CSW/NY, we have Co-Chairs to reflect our commitment to the value of shared leadership. Read their inspiration for doing this work below!

“I believe in the potential of each person to create change. I which motivates me to keep having hope and showing up, doing my best in hopes of harnessing the collective power of the women’s and feminist movement to move us closer to gender equality within my lifetime.”


Learn more about Ivy here.

“I strive for a future where my five grandchildren will be able to live without the constraints of race, class and gender. Where my granddaughters, and girls like them will be able to achieve their full potential and live free from violence and abuse. Where my granddaughters, grandsons and youth globally will be able to live in peace, escaping poverty, oppression, and injury, thus enabling them to grow to live productive adult lives in just, safe, clean environments. I work for a world that lives up to the promise of the 2030 agenda.”

Learn more about Pamela here.

Join our September Monthly Meeting

to learn more about the plans of our new Co-Chairs and Executive Committee!

Date: Tuesday, 19 September
Time: 11am - 1pm EDT
Location: Zoom