The NGO CSW67 Forum Report is now available!

Download the report to get a recap of the Forum and learn about different aspects of the Forum, the planning process, outcomes, and how we plan to improve future NGO CSW Forums!

Thank you to the 15,000 participants who attended the NGO CSW67 Forum! We hope you all enjoyed the Forum and had a productive and meaningful experience!

The NGO CSW67 Forum Virtual Portal will be live and accessible until 17 June 2023. Visit the Portal to view available session recordings and connect with other attendees and organizers. Access the Portal here.

For a recap of the Forum, download the NGO CSW67 Forum Report.

For more statistics and participant feedback, download the NGO CSW67 Forum Participant Breakdown.

NGO CSW67 Forum Interactive Handbook

Download the Interactive Handbook for the Forum! The Handbook has everything you need to know about the Forum including the Parallel Events, NGO CSW/NY's events, and the full Forum program. It also includes exclusive statements from the CSW67 Chair, the Executive Director of UN Women, the NGO CSW/NY Chair, and more. Check out the Handbook Ads from our sponsors at the end of the Handbook!

This graphic illustration was created live during the NGO CSW67 Consultation Day on 5 March. It outlines the Advocacy & Research Group's five recommendations and some of the powerful quotes and feedback from speakers about the CSW67 priority theme. Watch the Consultation Day recording here.

NGO CSW/NY Events at the Forum

In addition to the over 750 Parallel Events, NGO CSW/NY hosted its own events during the NGO CSW67 Forum. We had an array of exciting events including Conversation Circles, Regional Caucuses, Civil Society Briefings, and more! See the available recordings of the NGO CSW/NY events via the Youtube playlist below.

(Click the playlist icon at the top right of the video to scroll through the other recordings.)


NGO CSW/NY is committed to providing our community with advocacy resources and training to ensure that they are prepared to advocate for their organization or work at the UN, especially at the UN CSW. We also do our own advocacy each year for the UN CSW Zero Draft and outcome document through our Advocacy & Research Group.

NGO CSW/NY's Advocacy & Research Group (ARG) provides recommendations leading up to and during the CSW Outcome Document negotiations. The ARG researches the CSW priority theme and consults with our global community on their priorities for the theme to inform their recommendations for Member States to include in the UN CSW Zero Draft and ultimately the CSW Outcome Document.

Read our NGO CSW67 Advocacy Toolkit which aims to help NGOs, civil society representatives and feminists build their capacity to advocate for their organization, work, and global gender equality at the CSW. NGO CSW/NY recognizes that the United Nations system can be overwhelming and newcomers may not know where to start, so we’ve created this Advocacy Toolkit to use as a starting point.

As two essential gender equality mechanisms, connecting the CSW and GEF is necessary. It’s essential that CSW and NGO CSW Forum participants are aware of, enthusiastic about, and engaged in the GEF process as a significant gender equality movement. The connection between the two can create a powerful effort to move the needle.

UN CSW67 Outcomes

"This year’s Agreed Conclusions bring us a vision of a more equal world. As we leave here now, let us bring the might of our combined determination to translate them into reality for all women and girls."
Sima Bahous, UN Women Executive Director

The result of the UN CSW negotiations is an outcome document called "Agreed Conclusions," which outlines action by governments and other stakeholders, including the UN system, national human rights institutions, civil society, the private sector, trade unions, the media, and others.

The CSW67 Agreed Conclusions were adopted on Friday, 17 March after many hours of negotiations. Read the Agreed Conclusions here.

For more information about the UN CSW negotiations process and general structure of the CSW, check out our Advocacy Toolkit


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