We are excited to announce the NGO CSW65 Forum Young Feminist Awards!

In collaboration with Women Have Wings, the NGO CSW Youth Leaders & Young Professionals is delighted to make available five $5,000 grant awards to youth leaders and young professionals who have a project or an idea to advance gender equality in their region. Top projects will be displayed on the NGO CSW65 Virtual Platform. Winners will be announced on 26 March 2021 during the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Deadline for submissions is 1 March 2021, midnight EST to ylyps@ngocsw.org.

Five $5,000 grants to youth-led organizations or organizations with projects to advance young feminists' work. Individual youth leaders (between ages 18 to 40 years old at the time of submission) can be highlighted, but the grants must go to organizations.

Application Criteria:
Organizations must be registered in their country or have a fiscal sponsor who is registered. Priority will be given to young people in the Global South. No US based organizations are eligible. Your application must address one of the following themes.

Project Themes:

  • Advocacy - What is the future of advocacy for gender equality?
    This theme can include projects on gender equality, women in politics and decision making, leadership, governance, development and other advocacy campaigns, planning and implementation of advocacy training sessions as well as creation and distribution of advocacy materials.
  • Grassroots Projects - Projects that advance gender equality at the grassroots that need seed money.
    Any project that is designed to advance gender equality in society, in the workforce, politics, business, human rights, art, sports etc. Proposals for both new and existing projects are accepted if the submission clearly indicates how the grant will be used to implement an idea or increase the impact of the existing project.
  • Technology and Arts - Building platforms on gender issues that amplify youth voices in national and international spaces.
    This could include online platform development and launch projects, such as websites, blogs, apps and other forms of online advocacy or artistic expression that amplifies youth voices and perspectives on gender issues.

Please make sure to include the following components in your written summary:

  • Project Details:
    • Project title
    • Description of the project (500 to 1,000 words)
  • What’s the goal of the project?
    • How do you plan to accomplish it and what is your planning and implementation timeline?
    • Who are the beneficiaries?
  • Who are your partner organizations, if any?
  • How do you plan to measure the impact of the project?
  • Project budget description - development/procurement of project materials
  • Short video of your elevator pitch to explain your project **optional (1 to 3 minutes)
  • Personal Details
    • Your full legal name
    • Date of birth
    • Country of citizenship, country of residence and mailing address
    • Email and phone number
    • Organization you are affiliated with or financial sponsoring institution
    • CV

Submission Guidelines: Write a summary of your project in 500 to 1,000 words. This can be in any of the UN Official languages. Deadline for submission is 1 March 2021, midnight EST. Email your submission to ylyps@ngocsw.org.

Submission Procedures:
Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged via email.
Five winners will be notified via email on 26 March 2021.


Download this information in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese.