In keeping with the NGO CSW/NY mission to inclusively lobby for gender equality, the Advocacy Research Group (ARG) provides solicited and researched recommendations leading up to and during the CSW Outcome Document negotiations. The ARG researches issues raised in the CSW Priority Theme with input from NGO CSWs in the Regions and global Civil Society. Recommended language will be provided to receptive government representatives in advance of negotiations for consideration and inclusion in their discussions, and to UN Women, the CSW Bureau and during opportunities for Civil Society input.

Initially, the ARG organizes and undertakes a research strategy guided by the CSW Priority Theme and ultimately writes Zero Draft recommendations. Advocacy with Permanent Missions and UN Women will be coordinated with NGO CSW/NY leadership.


CSW Working Methods

This year for CSW66, the ARG is also concerned with the CSW working methods.

After the disappointing CSW65 Agreed Conclusions, it was clear that the CSW process is not as effective, inclusive, or intersectional as it should be. Therefore, the ARG launched a survey as the first step to campaign for a more effective CSW process. The survey provided essential data to support our arguments for new CSW working methods and put pressure on the UN and CSW Bureau to be more inclusive of civil society and our priorities. See the results of the survey here.

We're currently working on another, shorter survey to collect more data.